About Nfatuation

Welcome to Nfatuation where the community places values on good old fashion dating. There are two stages before love. First is attraction, second is Infatuation and finally Love. Romance is not dead, just needs to be revived. First dates do not have to awkward, find out about activities you both enjoy doing. Meeting for ice cream or just having a cup of coffee provides a less intimidating and safe atmosphere for both parties’ meet and greet. Its the little things that count, not how much money you spend on a first date.

What’s the point of buying a dozen roses? What you do on a first date sets the tone and expectations for future dates to come. Display self-confidence and keep negative conversation to a minimum, if it at all possible, none is preferred.

Ice-breakers are great way to determine the vibe and if another date is being considered. Dating should never be rushed and it if is true love it will develop in a genuine fashion. Love is worth waiting for. Join Nfatuation and write your own Greatest love Story today!

We keep our keep are membership fees extremely low so that you have more money to do those fun activities with your date, so think romance and start searching for your Nfatuated one.