Frequently Asked Questions Are In Alphabetical Order


Information such as credit card information is strictly confidential and never kept on file because you pay through PayPal which is a secured website. Using the payment method ensures PCI compliance (Personal Card Information). All email information is strictly confidential as well and will be used in compliance with policies set forth in the privacy policy and terms of use and agreement which you have read and agreed to abide by.

Add Components/Customizing Profile

Here you can move components and arrange to your liking however, keep in mind once the components are rearranged you will not be able to change them again. Go to your dashboard and click the gear setting that says customize this page. Then you click and drag the components on your page. The membership box cannot be moved. You can if you click the X on a component. It will collapse the box and store in another section. You can access the collapsed component and drag it again. Once you are completely satisfied with your arrangement you have to click the gear setting again to finish customizing your profile.


Nfatuation's website has advertisement that are contained on non-paying members profile pages. Advertisement are hidden once you opt to upgrade to VIP membership your account will then be advertisement free.


See Mobile Applications


Reminders of upcoming member birthdays are located on your under the member’s tab located at the top of the page.

Block Users

In order to block a user or member please go that user’s profile and click the more link located under the member’s username. You can also, remove bookmarks from your favorites list and flag a user that is violating any of the websites policies.

Bookmarked Members

If you would like to place a particular member on your favorite’s list you must go to that member’s profile. To locate a members profile you can either do click the search link and type in their username or click on the member’s picture to locate them. Once the profile is located you just click on the bookmark link on their profile under their username you can also do the same to delete their profile.

Contact Us

This link is located at the bottom of every page. Click this link when in need of answers to general questions, billing or technical support. Emails will be answered in approximately 48hrs.


Balance of credits can be viewed two places, one the member home page to the far left located in the status box or by clicking on the link at about the status box and it will take the user to a diagram that explains the credit system and how credit are earned. You can also purchase more credits here by clicking on the link next to amount of credits you have remaining.

Deleted Profiles

In order to delete your profile you will need click on the avatar icon located in upper right hand corner and in dropdown box select edit profile. Go to the bottom of the page and there is button to delete your profile.

Edit Profile

Click the avatar icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the member dashboard. Here you can change your password, email and create a more detailed profile to bet better results in regards to your matches. The more questions you answer the more you increase your chances of finding your Nfatuated one.


You are welcome to post events that you are aware of locally or nationally. If you would like to host an event on behalf of Nfatuation, the event should be submitted through the events tab and the event will be reviewed by the site moderator. Otherwise events should not be posted using Nfatuation’s name. There are designated moderators that from time to time post events that are happening in the member’s area. Moderators are not required to post events.


The forum is where you and others can share similar interests and discuss a variety of topics. Some topics have been created to expand upon however, if there is a topic you wish to have added to the list please contact the site moderator with your suggestion. Submitting a topic does not guarantee that it will be added. It is at the discretion of the site moderator if the topic will be added or not.


The link is located at the top of dashboard page and the games are free to everyone whom has joined the site.

Getting started

Registered at Nfatuation and create a profile From the Home menu you can create a profile by clicking on either the Sign-in or Join link, this will take you to a page where you can create and account. Answer all required questions and accept the Terms of Conditions by checking the box. Upload Image: Regular users can upload up to 5 photos, and users with an Upgraded membership can add up to 10.


To send gifts you must select the member’s profile and click the send gifts link under the username. You can only send gifts to members if you have upgraded your membership. Groups

Groups are currently not allowed on this site. This option may be offered in the future.

Hide Profile

In order to hide your profile after logging-in and it will redirect you to the member’s dashboard. Select your username tab in the upper right hand corner, drop down list will appear and go to the Privacy selection and select arrow to change status to only me.

Instant Messaging

Messenger is located at the bottom of your dashboard page. Click the box and you can search members by username in the find contacts. Remember to type username correctly because of case sensitivity. You can also click on the lime green 2-People Icon in the left hand corner of the chat box to search users. To collapse the chat box locate the black hidden arrow directly across from the 2-People Icon box in the right hand corner. The hidden arrow is located directly above the X in the chat box.

Mail Notifications

You can turn on or off notifications pertaining to emails, events, credits, forums, gifts, birthdays, profile discovery game, messages, chats and winks. Go to your dashboard and click on username and scroll down to mail notifications.


There are three types of memberships; Free, Trial and subscribed VIP Memberships. Free memberships have limited features. Subscribed and trial memberships have full benefits. Preview of benefits can be seen by click on the subscribe link at the top of the member’s home page to see the membership diagram and benefits associated with each membership. Type of membership will be labeled on member’s photo or avatar. The quick links on the left side of the page will also allow access to upgrading a subscription.


You can send and read personal and administrative messages if you are a paying member. All users whether a member or not can contact the site administrator through the contact us link located at the bottom of any page on the site. Non-paying members will also be allowed to send administrative messages. Also, you can attach a photo to messages you are sending other members.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications can be installed on both Android and IOS devices. They are not located in the Google Play store or the Apple store. The logo's that appear on the website are for information purposes only. You can launch the mobile version directly from the website by selecting "Launch this application" from either the home landing page or your dashboard page. This is called a Progressive Web Application (PWA). It allows developers the benefit of creating a mobile app without having to seek approval from Apple.


Moderators oversee the forums and events that are created and the content that is discussed online. Material should never be offensive. Freedom of speech is encouraged however; Nfatuation.com has zero-tolerance to offensive materials and does value its members feeling. Be considerate, if the material is deemed inappropriate by the site moderator, the forum discussion will be deleted.

New Members

Clicking on the member’s link at the top of the page will redirect you to the newest members.

Online Members

Clicking on the meet link at the top of the page will redirect you to browse all members from the latest to the newest and who is currently online and find other member birthdays.

Online Safety Tips

Nfatuation.com has provided some online dating tips in the hopes that they will be helpful and give insight into the world of online dating. However, keep in mind they are just suggestions and please feel free to express your individuality on your profile as long as they abide by the rules pertaining to photos and videos along with other guidelines defined within the terms and use agreement. There is a link located on the Home page and on other user’s profile page in regards to being safe. Safety-wise, meeting on the Internet is inherently similar to meeting offline. As long as the same standard dating precautions are followed, cyber-savvy daters can feel truly at ease while getting to know each other. The main thing to remember: trust your instincts and use common sense just like you would offline.

Password/Changed or Forgotten

To change your password click your username located in top right hand corner, in the drop down list select edit my profile link, change password link is located to the right atop of the account profile If a user forgets his password, please click on the link forgot password on the Home Menu page under the password sign-in box. A link to change your password will be sent to the email that you provided when you created your profile. Once you receive the email click on the link and then you can change your password


To upload photos please go the dashboard to click on the photo link. You can also create an album or upload photos by clicking on your profile picture on the left-hand side of your dashboard. When uploading photos click on a thumbnail and browse your photo files. Remember the size of the photo cannot exceed 64Mb if the photo is too large trying using resizing the photo with software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. No pictures of violence, guns, drugs or nudity are allowed, if these types of photos are uploaded the profile will be deleted and no refunds of any kind will be granted for violating this policy.


Preferences can be accessed from the member’s dashboard page by clicking on the username and then scroll down to the tab that section that says My Preferences. Here you can decline Video Messenger and mass emails. Mass emails are important because they are an effective way of reach site members in regards to important issues, updates and special offers.


You create your profile when you join by answering a few short questions. To increase your chances of finding an idea match you should edit your profile, by clicking on the profile icon tab at the top right corner of the page. Here is where you can edit and add more detailed information about yourself which will enable us to provide better matches for you. You can also edit your matchmaking preferences.

Quick Search

Quick Search is located on the left of the member’s dasboard page underneath the status box. There you do a search with limited information.

Rate Photos and Videos

The site is not allowing the option to rate or comment on photos or videos. We want to encourage and foster a positive dating environment. We do not want any negative karma associated with the site.

Recurring Fees

There are no recurring fees; meaning that once your membership has expired. it will not be automatically billed. This is done to prevent unwanted renewal of a membership and unwanted charges to a member’s credit card. If the membership expires and a user once to continue the services they need to re-subscribe and provide the billing information.

Report Members

To report a member you must access the member’s profile page and click on the button located on the right about the profile box. Once you click the report button please fill in the information as to the reason why you are reporting them and then click the add button at the bottom of the report. Nfatuation.com will investigate the complaint.


The search link located at the top of member’s dashboard page after logging in allows you to search for member based on a variety of criteria. You need not fill out all of the questions; you can limit your search or be specific. You can also search for a member by their username if you know it or a keyword. Search can be accessed through quick links on left side of the page.


You may sign-out of your account at any time simply by clicking on the sign-out link located on under the avatar icon located on upper right hand corner of member’s dashboard page.


On the member’s dashboard page located to the far left is the member’s status. It shows profile status if it is active or not, what type of membership they have and the balance of how many credits they have earned or purchased.


The subscribe link will redirect a user to choose a membership or purchase more credits. There is also a member diagram located on this page to compare the memberships and benefits.

Video Messenger

Onsite video capability located in the chat dialog box. Select user and then select camera icon located in the box. If you and the member have upgraded memberships you can send and receive video messages.

Who viewed me?

This link also located on the member’s dashboard page can be accessed to see who viewed your profile at one time or another.

Written Correspondences

You can also contact Nfatuation.com at P.O. Box 654, Columbus, Ohio 43205